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In memoriam Eric Dawson

It's with great sadness that we note the passing our collaborator Eric Dawson. Through the BARD project we got to know Eric as a friendly, engaging and effective collaborator; his enthusiasms and laid... Read More

MLBD browser

To date, the NIH Molecular Libraries Program (MLP)—through its comprehensive and specialized centers—has produced an unprecedented amount of experimental data characterizing various levels of inte... Read More


After a somewhat long hiatus (mostly in trying to tie up loose ends for the NPC browser), we're finally back! Motivated by the feedback that we've received from the NPC browser, for the past few weeks... Read More

NPC paper

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The paper describing the NCGC pharmaceutical collection (NPC) resource has just been published in the current issue of Science Translational Medicine. Among other things, the paper definitively resolv... Read More