In memoriam Eric Dawson

Eric DawsonIt's with great sadness that we note the passing our collaborator Eric Dawson. Through the BARD project we got to know Eric as a friendly, engaging and effective collaborator; his enthusiasms and laid back personality often bring proper perspective to any issues at hand; and without a doubt he is simply an all around good guy. It's an honor for us to have the privilege of working with Eric. Eric is one of our key early-adopters. It is a selfless task, working with something that is half-broken to help us see the value in it and make it better. It is the crucible through which all good software is forged. Being an early adopter requires technical acumen, which Eric has in spades, but he is invaluable in his willingness to endorse a nascent project and convince others to take a look. He builds consensus across disciplines and affiliation to generate real momentum. Science is a messy business; we will stumble through a problem by gut instinct and publish a solution when the problem only half-solved. It would be a tale told by idiot, strutting and fretting his hour upon the stage, but for our collaborators that are willing to pitch in and lend a hand, and who give us the courage to move forward.

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