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The paper describing the NCGC pharmaceutical collection (NPC) resource has just been published in the current issue of Science Translational Medicine. Among other things, the paper definitively resolves a seemingly simple question of How many drugs are there? For the impatient, to the right is a screen capture of the NPC browser that contains various numbers from the paper. We also would like to take this opportunity to give a plug for the NPC browser. In its current form, the browser can be used to answer other similar "simple" questions such as
  • How many kinase inhibitors are in the FDA orange book?
  • Can I perform structure searching of interventions in Likewise, what about drug product labels from DailyMed?
  • Which drugs in the drugs@FDA list that are not approved by the UK NHS and vice versa?
  • And many more...
So if any one of these "simple" questions rouses your interest, please feel free to take the NCP browser out for a spin. As is with any tools available here, we'd love to receive suggestions on how to improve the software.

2 thoughts on “NPC paper

  1. It would be nice to have a copy of the paper posted here – not all potential users have subscriptions to Science Translational Medicine.

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