The NPC browser

February 19, 2011:  Please see an updated version here. In preparation for the release of the NCGC pharmaceutical collection (NPC) dataset, we've prepared a trimmed down version of Tripod focusing only on compounds.  The software can be accessed from here.  We hope the available features, as limited as they are at the moment, provide a concrete feel for what Tripod will ultimately become.  As always, we would love to get feedback either privately (please see our contact details here) or via this forum. Some notes about the application.  Like all tools available here, it's deployed via Java webstart.  If you're having problems launching the application, please refer to this page for instructions on how to install and setup Java webstart.  Due to the scope of Tripod, however, the deployment requires advanced permissions that are available only as a signed (i.e., trusted) application.  Here we've used a self-signed certificate, so if you get a warning about untrust certificate, please feel free to accept it. The deployed dataset is currently a DrugBank subset of the NPC.  We'll release the full dataset in a couple of months. October 1, 2010 Update:  Please note that Java 1.6 is required.  The deployment is a self-contained application (browser and embedded database) running locally on your machine with the entire content of DrugBank (except for target information) available for browsing and searching.

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