Siphonify is a tool to help make managing of chemical structures less cumbersome. Click here for a quick tour of its features.



File Platform Size MD5 checksum
siphonify_windows_0_0_9.exe Windows 14 MB 21f2f9bbccbdd17d706581b877119ff4
siphonify_macos_0_0_9.dmg Mac OS X 14.3 MB 4e2e942841e933244633e56057aef14b
siphonify_unix_0_0_9.sh Linux 13.8 MB 212fb78e00e6f09312c6ab2976078d9e

Note that for the Mac OS X platform, it is assumed that Java 1.6 is already installed. If you're looking for 64-bit support, please try one of the downloads below.

siphonify_windows-x64_0_0_5.exe Windows 64-bit 13.8 MB 816fad235d5f951474d4036048fc8a10
siphonify_unix-x64_0_0_5.sh Linux 64-bit 13.8 MB 4845ad63534493061c4d11b9c99101c7