Categories and entity grouping

Over the past couple of weeks we've been making steady progress.  Since our first priority is to provide a usable tool for the practicing scientists, it's important that we take the time to make a good first impression (after all, the tolerance level of our intended users is likely to be lower than that of a traditional open-source project).  To put things in perspective, we had a working prototype back in 2008, but because it was not deemed to be user friendly it never got released.  Tripod is a complete rewrite based on our experience developing the prototype. Our effort over much of the past weeks has been to determine the right level of categories that are useful for grouping of entities.  Take Compound entity as an example.  Here we can group compounds based on a number of categories (e.g., by molecular framework, target, mode of action, etc.).  A laundry list of categories certainly would not fit well within the iTunes' group/album view.  So instead we organize the categories into "themes."  Here are examples of the categories (Topology and Framework) for the molecular theme.
We are, by no means, have enumerated all useful themes and categories for each entity and would welcome comments and feedback.

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